Who Are We?

A business division of OEM Global Solutions BV

We help you to produce your own bicycles with your own logo;

Our products consist out of existing bicycle models either licensed by or designed by Whitelabelbike.com.

These bicycles have been chosen very carefully to meet your expectations regarding comfortability, stability and safety.

We supply you on door, no need to be specialized in production, shipping, import or mass production assembly, whitelabelbike.com will take care of all those factors for you.

Our customers have the option to make basic modifications, such as color and custom logo design, placement and in some cases additional modifications.

Are you in bicycle business and considering new products to your portfolio?

Did you experience challenges in the past to buy your bicycles from Asia?

You don’t have the experience to buy overseas, but would like to do so?

Whitelabelbike.com takes care of you!

Expand YOUR product portfolio !

You are the owner of your product portfolio. We can help you to add products to your existing portfolio. Simply contact us and choose from our list of white label products. We will take care of the supply on door to your location!

Your desired new product in the most efficient way without hassles.

A bicycle is like a PUZZLE, we make sure all the pieces fit!

Your bicycle will be produced by us. We have a specialized team of people based in China to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle will fit. Only then, we will ship the components to Europe. After the assembly in Europe we will ship the bicycles to you. This is our Guaranteed QC Quality Control.

You manage your sales we manage your SUPPLY CHAIN!

At whitelabelbike.com we take full ownership from start to finish from our offices in the Netherlands (Limmen NH) and Taicang (Jiangsu China). Sales are based on FCL (Full container load 20ft/40ft) just like you can buy the products straight from the factory.

In a nutshell


We are your Netherlands – China based bicycle and transportation vehicle development and supply partner.
Our services are very divers: bicycle and transportation vehicle design, product development, sourcing, manufacturing, supply, quality control, logistics, after sales & total process ownership.

Only you can decide about all the advantages and benefits when you have a partner
who understands the bicycle business!